pure air as a service

We care
for your air

We spend 90% of our time indoors.
Oddly enough the air quality inside your office, shop, gym or living area is often way worse than the outdoor air quality.
We take care of that.

Yufo makes sure that you can live, work, train... in a climate as pure as it can be. Our patented natural spray combines the power of billions of friendly bacteria and a smart service.

Yufo purifies your air and
restores your bioclimate indoors

Healthy building

We put the best of nature at work. Our method installs and maintains a strong bioclimate in your spaces, with the help of friendly bacteria. Without water, chemicals or soap.

Happy people

We improve your mood. Purified air clears the mind too. This indoor climate is healthier for your teams, customers or family. Moreover, the friendly bacteria can train your immune system and make you allergy-resistant.

Sustainable solution

Yufo 100% organic, more effective and 35% faster than regular cleaning. Our friendly bacteria make unpleasant odors, dust particles, gasses like VOC and PM disappear in no time.

Our global impact

We create

3 million

m² indoor forests

We save

7.5 million

liters of drinking water

We avoid using


liters of chemicals

Lift your air quality through the roof

50% less fine dust particles and volatile organic compounds (VOC)
Healthy and odor-free climate for your team, customers or family
Longer lasting purification results
Optional biological cleaning with our naturals prays, without water, soap or chemicals.